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122. *Torchwood: The House That Jack Built by Guy Adams (256) A/SF

People keep dying in strange ways at a house that Jack used to own.

The plot is creepy and interesting and none of the minor characters are safe (although like most books of this kind, the main characters never seem to be in any real danger). Unfortunately, everything is a bit rushed and the resolution is not especially satisfactory.

The writing was ok for the most part, but the oddest mistakes kept popping up, like missing commas that totally changed the meaning of a sentence (or more often just made no sense whatsoever). I don't know if it was a writing problem or an editing problem, but either way, it was distracting.

Overall, the book is rather like a Torchwood episode - enjoyable but not really what I'd call good - except without the things that make the tv show so much fun (the actors, the witty banter, the special effects). Only recommended if you really like Torchwood.

122 / 150 books. 81% done!

68 / 75 *new books. 91% done!

5 / 10 ^non-fiction. 50% done!

34780 / 45000 pages. 77% done!

Audiobooks: 26h30m


Jul. 23rd, 2009 06:23 pm
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96. *Doctor Who: The Last Dodo by Jacqueline Rayner, read by Freema Agyeman (audiobook, abridged) (2:24)

Martha asks the Doctor to take her to see the last dodo, which leads them into unexpected trouble (as usual).

Freema Agyeman (who played Martha Jones on Doctor Who) is an excellent reader. The story was decent and there were some unexpected twists and turns along the way. There was an odd stylistic quirk where sometimes the story was in third person and sometimes the story was in first person with Martha speaking directly to the reader, but it was always clearly stated when it happened. Overall, I enjoyed it.

97. *Doctor Who: Forever Autumn By Mark Morris, read by Will Thorp(e) (audiobook, unabriged) (2:12)

The Doctor and Martha land in a small New England town that is being overrun by aliens. It's Halloween.

Mediocre at best, and I've seen the same kind of story elsewhere. Also, the reader, Will Thorp(e), does a great Ten, an okay Martha, and absolutely awful American accents.

98. *Doctor Who: Peacemaker By James Swallow, read by Will Thorp(e) (audiobook, abridged) (2:08)

The Doctor and Martha find an Old West town that has been mysteriously "cured" of smallpox.

Not bad, overall, except again, Will Thorp(e)'s American accents are rubbish and kept jarring me out of the story.

99. *Torchwood: The Sin Eaters by Brian Minchin, read by Gareth David-Lloyd (audiobook) (2:10)

A corpse appears in the water near a rift spike and the team must figure out how he died, and how to save the rest of the city. Or something like that.

The plot is okay, but what is really great about this audiobook is the characterization, interaction, and most of all Gareth David-Lloyd's reading. Not only is his reading lovely to listen to, but his portrayals of Jack, Gwen, and Rhys (and of course Ianto) are spot-on.

99. *Torchwood: In the Shadows by Joseph Lidster, Read by Eve Myles (audiobook) (2:27)

Slightly predictable, and the characterization is a bit shaky at times, but incredibly creepy. Eve Myles is another great reader.

Why do so many Torchwood books have to do with religious fanatics?

100. *Doctor Who: The Forever Trap by Dan Abnett, Read by Catherine Tate (audiobook) (2:21)

The Doctor and Donna are trapped in an apartment complex with the oddest of neighbors.

This one was kind of fun, although these sorts of stories always lack a certain amount of tension since we know that the main characters are in no real danger. Catherine Tate is an entertaining reader; I've noticed that I prefer the books read by voices from the shows.

100 / 150 books. 67% done!

52 / 75 *new books. 69% done!

3 / 10 ^non-fiction. 30% done!

29727 / 45000 pages. 66% done!
Audiobooks: 13h02m


Aug. 9th, 2008 10:10 am
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93. *Torchwood: Everyone Says Hello by Dan Abnett, read by Burn Gorman (2h24m)
Wow, fantastically creepy. Really. Wow. And Burn Gorman does a terrific job.

94. *Torchwood: Slow Decay by Andrew Lane, read by Burn Gorman (3h18m)
Seriously, seriously, gross. This is really gross. Glad it was a book and not a real episode. Did I mention it was gross?

95. Blood Price by Tanya Huff (272)
Reread, just as much fun as the first time through. Vicki is a fantastic character.

96. *Doctor Who: The Nightmare of Black Island by Mike Tucker, read by Anthony Head (2h27m)
Definitely one of the better Doctor Who audiobooks I've heard. I had no idea what was going on or how the Doctor and Rose were going to fix it. The end was great and there was a scene near the end that made me laugh out loud.

96 / 110 books. 87% done!

46 / 75 *new books. 61% done!

3 / 10 ^non-fiction. 30% done!

26429 / 33000 pages. 80% done!
Audiobook time: 25h49m


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88. *The Professor's Daughter by Joann Sfar (64)
Graphic Novel, recommended to me by my sister. Beautiful illustrations and a fantastic, hilarious story. I recommend it to pretty much anyone.

89. *Doctor Who: Pest Control by Peter Anghelides, read by David Tennant (2h24m)
The Doctor and Donna land on a planet being colonized by the Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire. It's the middle of a war. But who is the real enemy?

Overall I found this a predictable and not terribly exciting story. It's always fun to listen to David Tennant read, though.

90. Peeps by Scott Westerfeld (304)
Reread. Without question one of the best YA vampire books. Westerfeld is a superb author.

91. *Torchwood: Hidden by Steven Savile, read by Naoko Mori (2h16m)
Naoko Mori has a lovely voice, but the story didn't make much of an impression. I didn't write a review immediately after I listened to it and now I don't remember what it was even about.

92. Soul Music by Terry Pratchett (373)
This is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, Discworld book. I love Susan and Death of Rats is fabulous.

92 / 110 books. 84% done!

43 / 75 *new books. 57% done!

3 / 10 ^non-fiction. 30% done!

26157 / 33000 pages. 79% done!
Audiobook time: 17h40m


Jul. 31st, 2008 03:18 pm
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I started listening to Doctor Who and Torchwood audiobooks and apparently I just couldn't stop. Interestingly, I have no desire to actually read any of these books myself.

They're all read by members of the cast. Most if not all are abridged (unfortunately).

82. *Doctor Who: The Feast of the Drowned by Stephen Cole, read by David Tennant (2h28m)
Very creepy. Clearly inspired in parts by the second Pirates of the Carribbean movie. David Tennant is a fantastic reader.

83. *Doctor Who: The Resurrection Casket by Justin Richards, read by David Tennant (2h25m)
The Doctor and Rose land on a planet that is in a area with no electricity (some sort of perpetual EMP sort of thing) and have to get the TARDIS off-planet and out of that field. Everything within it runs on steam, including spaceships and robots. Very steampunk. They get caught up in a space pirate mystery in the process of getting out.

Fairly predictable at times, but fun. It reminded me of a couple of Star Trek episodes at several points. I liked the end very much, and Kevin was definitely my favorite character.

84. *Torchwood: Another Life by Peter Anghelides, read by John Barrowman (1h12m)
An alien warrior starts possessing members of Torchwood. Is it out for conquest or just trying to get home?

The climactic scene with Gwen and Jack is moving, and also very in-character. I wish these books weren't abridged, though, because they all just seem like - well, it's not that the plot isn't there, but it seems like there are things missing. Depth, maybe.

John Barrowman is not my favorite reader. It's probably just be me, though - much as I like him (and Jack), his (American) accent always sounds just a bit off to me.

85. *Doctor Who: The Stone Rose by Jac Rayner, read by David Tennant (2h23m)
I really like this book - and just about the time that I thought it was wrapping up, I looked and it turned out it was only halfway done!

Rose has a bigger part in this than she (or any companion) has in any of the Doctor Who audiobooks I've listened to. I was not surprised to learn it was written by a woman.

86. *Doctor Who: State of Decay by Terrance Dicks, read by Tom Baker (57m)
No, really. Alien vampires. Tom Baker is a good reader, though, with a very pleasant voice.

87. *Torchwood: Border Princes by Dan Abnett, read by Eve Myles (3h30m)
Eve Myles (aka Gwen on Torchwood) is a pleasure to listen to. I liked this book, too. It was not predictable, for the most part, and I enjoyed the story.

86 / 110 books. 78% done!

40 / 75 *new books. 53% done!

3 / 10 ^non-fiction. 30% done!

25416 / 33000 pages. 77% done!
Audiobook hours: 13


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